world health

Worldwide Health Day!


Every year the World Health Organization sponsors and promotes a theme on April 7th to heighten awareness of a current issue affecting the world’s health.

This year in 2019 the cause is bringing awareness to the need for healthcare access to everyone— one and all throughout the world no matter their size, shape, economy, colour or country.

What a fantastic world it will be when the day comes when these global deficiencies will no longer exist.

Healthcare should be a right not a privilege within the community that is called humanity! We will get there, I truly believe it will be sooner in this lifetime rather than later! The world is shrinking every day, and in terms of communication and caring for others it has been a very good thing.

What exactly does the WHO do you ask?…

  • Promote Development - poverty is linked to poor health; by promoting development poverty falls and the overall health of a given population improves.

  • Fosters Health Security - WHO takes steps to increase health security by reducing health risks from outbreaks of new, existing & mutating diseases.

  • Strengthens Health Systems - in poorer countries many health systems are inadequate. WHO strengthens these systems through various means which may include the provision of funding, access to drugs and relevant technology, data collection systems and trained staff.

  • Harnesses information, research and evidence - WHO uses evidence as a sound basis for setting health priorities, strategies and measuring results. In consultation with leading health experts, WHO provides authoritative health information.

  • Enhances Partnerships - WHO works closely with many health organizations around the world. WHO aims to improve or enhance the work of these organizations by encouraging them to use their evidence based practices and follow their technical guidelines when implementing their health programs.

  • Improves Performance - WHO also strives to improve the performance of its own organization. In order to improve the performance or effectiveness of an organization there needs to be clear results which can be measured and compared. WHO improves performance by implementing results based management, which provide clear results and goals which can be measured on a regional, country or international level.

The WHO has been a big supporter and driving force in advocating some of the great benefits of acupuncture. More important though it has been a recognised vehicle to raise awareness in the whole world of our need to take care of our own health.