Benefits of Anti-Ageing Acupuncture ....

Healthy Longevity

Maintaining vibrant health and wellness into middle age and beyond is a bigger concern than ever before. With countless scientific findings we know achieving our health goals NOW is absolutely vital to maintain happy and active golden years, free of disease. Whether you are 28 or 80 it is NEVER too late to begin benefitting from Acupuncture. 


Stronger Body

Nourish Inside and Out

Our bodyframes need defence against brittle bone structure. Why? Inside that framework is a sophisticated machine needing protection and strength. 

Jess's Acupuncture style deals with the body as a connected system with potential to heal itself. Acupuncture views every organ system as having the potential to enhance other body functions. Enduring benefits are maintaining muscles, fibres, skin, hair, bones, and the senses, etc., through the years - fed by nutrients and energy harnessed from within, as well as healthy external influences (ie., Acupuncture and good nutrition.)


Younger Appearance

Supple skin, Brighter eyes.

A younger appearance is paramount in this modern age. Benefitting from activated metabolism, hormonal balance, internal organ health, improved blood circulation leading to collagen and elastin production- these are usual results from Anti-ageing Acupuncture.

When the internal elements are fine tuned the glow of health and youth naturally emanate from your face and body, coming from within. 

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Higher Immune Function

Fight Disease!

Keeping your immune system strong is NOT just about avoiding colds and flu...

The body defence system is so strategic and powerful it is one of the most complex mechanisms in the universe. Protecting you from cancer, infections, pollution, hormone imbalance, bacteria, parasites - the list is vast. With so much work to do for as long as you live, it can get get weak in later years if not cared for properly. Acupuncture can fortify the strength needed to power the body into disease-free old age.


Relaxed Energy

No Adrenal Burn-out. Just Wellness.

Being calm and relaxed is not just emotionally nourishing but it feeds the endurance of your organs, mind and muscles.

Years of unmitigated stress is not just taxing on the body, it can literally push adrenal glands into exhaustion and eventual failure!

Acupuncture has been shown to naturally enhance hormone function in the body (especially endorphins) which can help neutralise the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, often the drivers of continued physical and emotional stress.  

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