Headaches & Migraines

a common problem

The World Health Organisation states that nearly 80% of people will suffer from headaches during their lifetime. 65% of that group are women. Once puberty has been reached it is for more likely for women to suffer from headaches because it is so often related to hormonal imbalance, particularly menstrual imbalance.

But even if not connected to the menstrual hormones. headaches for everyone are most often due to an imbalance of some hormonal system in the body, as those are neural chemicals which create our organ, tissue, gland, muscle and sensory wellness. Pain of any kind occurs when those systems are out of sync and fighting to find homeostasis..


finding balance with acupuncture

how does it work?

In general, acupuncture is believed to stimulate the nervous system and cause the release of neruochemical messenger molecules. It is this brain activity that is thought to encourage the production of more endorphins, natural pain killers produced in the body, and to balance other hormone activity to create a greater homeostatic level of wellness and efficiency. Not only endorphins but mood chemicals, stress inhibitors, even blood sugar and digestive hormones in balance create a long lasting and viable healing mechanism to headache pain. 


pain relief and bright futures


It's this long lasting and viable process that has had  such powerful success for centuries in treating headaches with purely natural medicine.  The World Health Organisation recognises and recommends Acupuncture as an efficient and suitable treatment for acute and long term migraine or headache pain. This same protocol is used for long term prevention of future headaches and improving quality of life. For years our clinic has had phenomenal success for hundreds of people and we always feel so rewarded to see people living well, PAIN FREE and HAPPY once again.