Conquer Stress and Anxiety

Living a busy, active life would generally be diagnosed as healthy, but it could also mean you don't take enough time to stop and release daily stress or anxiety.  Chinese medicine has an understanding that feeling good is far more than the absence of direct illness. By achieving relaxation and balance, we embrace not just our physical strength, but mental and emotional, even spiritual, wellness.
Acupuncture for any ailment generally also makes a person feel stable, grounded, and achieves a sense of peaceful energy.  In today’s hectic and stress-filled lifestyles, this is becoming a frequent and vital part of treatment. And this is why so many patients continue to have acupuncture far after their original complaint is long gone.

Preventative Care

Having occasional acupuncture on a regular basis (every 6-8 weeks) can increase overall strength, immunity, and defence against burn out from stress or anxiety.

A stress-filled life for many years can contribute to eventual body exhaustion and weakness in your nervous and adrenal systems. Over the years a body must receive external nourishment in the way of clean air, good food, water and healing stimulation like Acupuncture offers, or the phrase 'running on empty' becomes true.


Reflexology is a deeply relaxing, safe therapy with focus on pressure points on the feet, hands, even face, enabling the body into a state of wellbeing and thus encouraging it to heal itself.

It's a lovely way to relax and unwind between corresponding Acupuncture sessions, deeply calming and also hormone balancing like Acupuncture, thus curbing the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol.  

The acupuncture with Jess has been quite simply... amazing. I’m already changing as a person, not living with fear and stress, but finding joy again....
— Mary, 53