What Patients Are Saying...


Jess’s sessions have been so amazing, when I thought all hope was gone. Every session leaves me feeling better and better. She’s so kind and understands my problem...with her help I feel in control and I’m back to being healthy..
— Diane C, 38
In the second month of treatment with Jess, I experienced an easy period, which gave me relief I haven’t had in years. My quality of life is improved and I don’t count days or get nervous about my periods anymore.
— Michelle, 36
I’ve tried every facial product out there, this is the only facial that lifted my jawline and brightened my eyes as well! I feel so energised and positive after each session, and it shows in the glow in my smooth skin, a huge thank-you Jess
— Jenny, 46
Jess saved me from insanity in my 40s! I cannot impress enough upon women of any stage of hormonal change to use Chinese medicine. Jess did excellent work to get rid of my hot flushes in a matter of weeks.
— Monica, 51
I went to see Jess for cervical-ripening treatments when I was in my 36th week. I was very impressed with Jess’s professionalism and depth of knowledge. I am happy to report that my entire delivery took only five hours, and considering this is my first delivery, I am very pleased! Thank you, Jess Stanelun!
— Gwen, 33
Monthly migraines took over my life and I wanted to try anything. I had a HUGE fear of needles. Jess explained the process, showed me exactly what happens, and I went for it on our very first meeting. Thank goodness I did because I’ve never looked back... thanks to Jess I’m living it up again and I’m headache free...
— Amy, 34
Jess’s treatments give me that boost and confidence we all crave. My skin hasn’t looked this amazing for years, I’m loving it!
— Priya, 40
The acupuncture with Jess has been quite simply... amazing. I’m already changing as a person, not living with fear and stress, but finding joy again....
— Mary, 53

...the sessions were always something to look forward to. My cycle became routine quickly with acupuncture and I then became pregnant! The sessions that I had when pregnant definitely helped with regards to any morning sickness, tiredness, and general pregnancy ailments! Each session continued to feel relaxing, and Jessica went above and beyond by showing my husband how to do certain pressure points during the labour.... 
— Verity, 34
It was an added plus feature that jess showed me so much nutrition guidance as well as acupuncture. I was able to able to be rid of chronic thrush along with constipation for years and no drugs of any kind...
— Lynne, 42