What to Expect

We provide comprehensive natural medical plans designed just for you.  

  • We aim to relieve symptoms as well as address the root cause of illness and exacerbated stress.
  • We will cover all areas of your concern and discuss their prognosis with treatment.
  • From the beginning together we will form an agreed treatment time frame that best suits you.
  •  Our Conception and Pregnancy Programmes help enhance fertility and assist IVF and provide expert care through pregnancy and birth.
  • We specially treat physical and emotional elements in Defence Against Age, both in body and mind.                                                                                                                                        

    An Acupuncture journey awakens the senses and restores vitality on every level.

Getting Started

Are you worried that you might have a fertility issue? Get headache patterns or IBS sysmptoms with Stress or monthly cycles? Maybe you have Pain or Sleepless nights and just not sure why. This clinic's aim is to resolve any mysteries and improve health, naturally.

Call for an appointment or a complementary 15-minute phone consultation. By answering your questions together we can navigate your ultimate health journey and find the best treatment options for you. If you're a new patient, you can begin by calling to schedule your complementary 15-minute telephone consultation. Simply call or email.

      We answer your questions beforehand...

      We answer your questions beforehand...



At your first appointment in clinic you'll find we:

  • Listen deeply to your health needs and expectation

  • Describe which treatments might best suit and how we can help 

  • Provide you with resources and tools to get started

  • Have a treatment with Acupuncture needles, if suitable

    Even small heath details help us treat you

    Even small heath details help us treat you

This is your chance to tell us everything about your health situation and to feel really heard. Our unique approach starts with an in-depth evaluation to uncover any underlying factors that may be preventing you living life optimally. If you're seeking assistance with fertility or pregnancy it's encouraged you bring your partner, if you have one, to your first appointment.

Reviewing Your Plan

After your first appointment, we'll do a detailed review of your collected information and create your individualised treatment plan that will be discussed at your follow-up visit. In some cases suggestions are made for further testing to identify any hidden imbalances or deficiencies causing your health issues. The purpose of your plan is to clarify our path and create the optimal internal environment to get you strong, balanced and healthy again.

Your personalised plan may include: 

  • Condition specific Acupuncture

  • Nutrition programmes or Herb recommendations

  • Adjunct Reflexology 

  • Lifestyle changes

  • Emotional support and techniques to manage stress

  • Resources and referrals to assist your health success


Acupuncture is an accumulative, gentle medicine which is designed to work best when seen through


2. Strengthening

3. Maintenance stages.

The clinic provides you with ongoing support every step of the way in your health endeavours. In addition to acupuncture, we'll check your progress, adjust treatments and discuss any worries or concerns you might have. Within a few weeks time you often see significant changes in your health condition plus positive changes in sleep, skin, weight, menstrual cycles, strength and overall well-being.

   Acupuncture is a building process in healing

   Acupuncture is a building process in healing