Travel Bugs!

Make your holiday filled with happy memories

Make your holiday filled with happy memories

Winter and Summer holidays require these vital (EASY) tips to stay happy and healthy! 

Those warm destinations and the sun is out, the weather is hot and we all have the travelling bug. This season as you plan your holidays make sure it’s the only bug you get. 
Here are a few holiday tips to keep you prepared for sea, sun and hot holiday fun. 

Don’t Let Tummy Upset Ruin Your Day

Travelling abroad and eating out can mean you are exposed to pathogens in foods. Poor hygiene or simply being exposed to bugs that your gut isn’t used to can result in unwanted tummy upsets. This is especially common in hot countries as heat provides the perfect conditions for bacteria to breed. 

Ice in Drinks

Ice in drinks is easily forgotten. Often made from local tap water, the ice can often carry a number of foreign bugs. Make sure you always request no ice unless you are in a country where you know the water is very safe to drink. 

Fruits and Vegetables

Peel all fruit and vegetables to remove surface bacteria that may remain on the skin from being washed with local tap water. Be wary of that fruit juice at the breakfast buffet and in cocktails as well. Fresh squeezed and local could spell more bacteria in your gut. 

Natural Foods to Support the Gut

Garlic, cinnamon and oregano have traditionally been used to prevent food spoilage and to support gut health. Add these condiments to meals on a day to day basis. Garlic is most effective when crushed and fresh, but can smell quite strong! The smell can get into your skin if you eat lots of it. 
Cloves or parsley are great breath fresheners to take away the garlic aroma from the breath, and they cleanse the body as well. 

Don’t Forget to take Friendly Bacteria on Holiday

The friendly bacteria in your gut, called probiotics, are especially helpful during travel time. Start taking a probiotic supplement two weeks before your trip and make sure it is a well researched brand and safe. It’s even more effective to mix probiotics with plant oils which help support digestive health, like oregano. 

If you Get a Funny Tummy

Even following this advice you may sometimes get caught out. This may be due to food not agreeing with you, climate or water change, change in eating habits and routines, or contamination. Keep aloe vera and slippery elm in your emergency box. They are both very soothing to sunburns, and cleanse and soothe the digestive tract. 

When you get home your tummy will be weak and your body potentially tired after illness. Acupuncture to nourish the digestive system and restore energy will get you back on track and feeling great quickly and enjoyably. Coping with going back to work will be a breeze. 

And Acupuncture is a phenomenal cure for Jet Lag!... Happy Travels