· Hot flush, Night Sweats, Restless Insomnia

· Mood Swings, Depression, Anxiety

· Irregular periods, severe PMT symptoms, Pain, Stiffness, Irritable bowel, Palpitations

· Decreased libido, Fatigue, Dizziness, Food cravings, Weight gain,  Bloating, Acid reflux

               “In Chinese Medicine the natural state of Menopausei s referred to as a woman’s                                        Second Spring... ...a new phase of Rebirth, Wisdom and Joy”

             “In Chinese Medicine the natural state of Menopausei s referred to as a woman’s                                        Second Spring... ...a new phase of Rebirth, Wisdom and Joy”



Peri-menopause and Menopause Symptoms

Whilst all women experience the same hormonal changes, your own BASIC HEALTH before and during menopause has a lot to do with the extent of your symptoms.


Acupuncture can be a SAFE and NATURAL Alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy



How will Acupuncture help my symptoms?

By stimulating neurotransmitters, Acupuncture can naturally balance the endocrine system, meaning balance all hormone activity. Rather than try to restore your hormones to the levels they were in your 20s and 30s, Chinese medicine works to smooth your transition by improvingenergy and constitution, bringing your body into an alleviated balance, ie., no more symptoms!

Why Acupuncture?

Clinical evidence-based trials have proven it to be a viable and long lasting health solution.  Women suffering from symptoms have been treated for over 3000 years successfully, DRUG-FREE.   Reduce the many risks associated with HRT.

How does It work?

Acupuncture brings your hormones into balance and reduces anxiety through a process called homeostatic regulation. Its stimulation has been shown to improve the function of the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis,  the mechanism controlling reproductive hormones.

How long will treatment last?

Answering this presents variables, as Menopausal symptoms are not an illness with a curative endpoint, but an alleviation of constitutional discomfort. Most women have remarkably reduced symptoms in just 4 weekly sessions, whilst long term effects are likely in 8-12 sessions, improvement growing with each visit.  Long term maintenance visits are every 8-10 weeks.


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What happens when I come for treatment?

In ongoing courses a 40-minute session will be spent discussing your progress, and addressing any worries or concerns you may have. Then usually 6-12 needles will be inserted gently as you lie relaxing, fully-clothed, resting for 20 minutesor so as the needles work. Very simple. And   afterwards most people are so calm and refreshed they feel a light clarity and are tranquil for many days to come....

Is It safe?

Acupuncture is widely regarded as a safe, drug free, reliable therapy by medical professionals all over the world. Needles are sterile, single-use and disposable. Like pins, they are only the size of a cat’s whisker and sit only in the dermal layer.... Painless and without risk like drugs. 

What else is involved, in my lifestyle?

Committing to Acupuncture is about managing your own long term health solutions, and         proactively exposing your body and mind to the power of your own natural healing response. Jess is an experienced specialist in Anti-Ageing Medicine and may combine Nutritional Therapy and adjunct Reflexology to enhance and educate you for informed daily health practices to carry with you for years to come.