It has been suggested that acupuncture may increase implantation rates through:


· regulating stress hormones that affect implantation

· modulating neuroendocrinological factors (regulating hormone levels)

· increasing blood flow to the uterine lining

· modulating cytokines and immune response


"While IVF is very successful at stimulation of the ovaries, and collection and fertilisation of eggs, successful implantation can prove more difficult. This is where acupuncture treatment can help increase the success of IVF cycles. Its also been observed that treatment through the subsequent pregnancy further increases the live birth rates and reduces miscarriage.’’



Preparation for IVF

Acupuncture can also be beneficial during preparation for IVF where high FSH or oestriadiol levels prevent the initiation of treatment, by regulating normal pituitary-ovarian function.


Treatment during IVF

During an IVF cycle there are specific times where acupuncture treatment can be most beneficial.

1)  At the end of the down-regulation (long protocol) or prior to the period (short protocol): This ensures efficient elimination of the old endometrium, and thus allows the formation of the best possible quality new lining.

2)  During the stimulation phase: Two acupuncture sessions during this phase can ensure good blood flow to the ovaries and the womb lining.

3)  On the day of embryo transfer: Acupuncture treatments are used pre- and post-transfer to increase blood flow in the uterus, reduce any contractions that may occur and promote relaxation and well-being.


During Pregnancy

Once pregnancy is established we generally arrange supportive treatment through the first trimester to prevent miscarriage and ease unpleasant symptoms, especially morning sickness, which are abundant in the adjustment period of early pregnancy.  Ask your practitioner for information on continued treatments in later months to enhance the birth and labour experience.


Our Clinic:

Thames Acupuncture has been providing acupuncture to fertility patients for over 10 years.  Having supported hundreds of couples through IVF cycles, we have extensive specialist knowledge in this field. Patients can feel comfortable they are receiving the very best of care integrated into their IVF and other ART cycles.


Whilst improving IVF success is our main focus, we are very aware how the STRESSFUL process of IVF takes its toll on patients. We can provide attentive and caring support before and after IVF to ease emotional and physical tensions

--this article sourced in association with the london acupuncture clinic