Suffering with Fatigue and Tiredness???

It can be conquered...Naturally & Drug-free


When it comes to Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s little known but it is actually a surprisingly pleasant experience...

gentle and soothing….and then in the big result it leaves you with a sense of energised power and a clear focused mind. Fatigue and tiredness are no more. 

Acupuncture can help boost your sluggish ways...

Acupuncture can help boost your sluggish ways...

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Tiredness is one of the most common presenting conditions in western patients. Very often tiredness is seen in Chinese medicine as a deficiency condition, though it has many presentations. 

The causes of tiredness can be from a variety of sources. A weak constitution, overwork, physical overexertion, stress, poor diet, severe illness and childbirth to name a few can all cause tiredness. 

From the Chinese perspective it is important to find out where these causes are affecting the body. For example it may manifest in the lungs and a patient may feel slightly breathless, have a propensity to catching colds and have spontaneous sweating; or it may manifest in the spleen where there is also a poor appetite, muscular weakness, bloating and loose stools. 

These are just two examples of a large number of patterns caused by a deficiency of driving energy, called ‘qi’. A person under great stress may, however, suffer from an excess form of tiredness. Here, rather than having too little energy or 'qi' it is actually that the qi is stagnant and causes blockages. In this way energy cannot flow freely around the body and get to where it needs to. People suffering from this may also present with tiredness that is worse in the afternoon with a "wound up" feeling, distension or soreness of the ribs, PMT or headaches.